Useful Resignation Letter Writing Tips

When choosing to resign from a position, it will be necessary to give adequate notice to your employer. A resignation letter should be written to your supervisor and give a brief explanation of why you are leaving and when your last day will be. Staying on good terms with your present employer is important as you may need them for a reference in the future. As a result, it may be necessary to consider looking at sample resignation letters to understand what format and style to use.

Reasons to Write a Resignation Letter

The main reason to write a resignation letter is to remain on positive terms with your present employer. Leaving a job on good terms may be extremely important for your future employment. Using past employers for references is usually necessary. If you leave a company on good terms, it will give you a solid reference for a job in the future. Another reason for writing a resignation letter is to give the employer an adequate notice to when your last day of work will be. This shows respect and thoughtfulness.

Information to Include in your Resignation Letter

A resignation letter should include the fact that you are leaving and when your final day should be. There is no need to go into explicit details about the reasons you are leaving, unless it is for a positive reason. If you are relocating or going back to school, then it is okay to include this information. If you are leaving because you feel that it is a bad job, this is best left unsaid. You may consider thanking the employee for the job opportunity and the experience gained from employment with the company. Offering assistance with the job transition could also be a nice touch if this is within your interests.

Resignation Letters Specifics

Resignation letters must follow a simple format and contain three main sections. The letter should be written to the person that will be in charge of taking care of the paperwork for your resignation. The first paragraph of the letter should state that you are resigning and give a date for your last day of employment. The second paragraph of a resignation letter should thank the employer for the time you have worked there and the experience that has been gained through that employment. The final paragraph may include the offer to help with the transition of your position to the new employee.

Sample Resignation Letters

When a person resigns from a position it can be an emotional matter. It will be important to remain professional throughout the entire process. A resignation letter should be written in the most professional manner possible; in order to gain insight on how to write these letters a person may refer to a sample resignation letter. These sample resignation letters will give the person a view on how the letter should be written and what it should say. Sample resignation letters will also show the proper way to format the letter. Using samples will ensure that a person writes their resignation letter in a proper way and will help pave the way to leaving a position in the most appropriate manner.

Writing a professional resignation letter can be the best way to ensure that a person will receive a positive recommendation from the employer when they are looking for a new job. It also demonstrates that the decision was premeditated and as such, was considered carefully. For those who are still uncertain how to format a resignation letter, have a quick look at a few sample resignation letters online.